You might have heard about Electrotherapy and it is one of the methods by which we treat our patients in our pioneer clinic JAIPUR PHYSIOTHERAPY.
ELECTROTHERAPY is done by using electrical energy as in medical treatment. In medical terms it refers as medicine and the term Electrotherapy can apply to a variety of treatments that also, include the use of electrical devices such as deep brain stimulators for neurological disease and many other uses in Physiotherapy in different type of treatments. The term Electrotherapy, has been applied specifically to the use of electric current that helps to speed recovery of the wound and improves the capability of healing.
 Additionally, the term “Electromagnetic therapy” or “Electrotherapy” has also been applied to a range of alternative medical devices and treatments.
The Electrotherapy has been accepted very delightfully in the field of research and rehabilitation:
• Pain Management
 Improves the movement of joints (hands, wrist, shoulder, ankle, knee etc).
• In Treatment of Neuromuscular Dysfunction
 Responsible for different types of Improvements such as Improves the local blood flow, Improves motor control and improves the strength.
 Muscle Atrophy Retards in it.
• Improves Joints Mobility range.
• Tissue Repairs
  •  Enhances Protein Synthesis that improves the healing ability of wounds.
  •  The Microcirculation is also enhanced by it.
  •  Restores the integrity of Dermal Tissues.
  •  Restores the Integrity of Connective Tissues.
• Peripheral Blood Flow.
• Acute and chronic edema.
Jaipur Physiotherapy provides all the treatment related to Electrotherapy and gives best results in the recovery. We have high-tech machines for Electrotherapy with advanced techniques and highly qualified and experienced doctor team. These are some of the treatment that includes effective mechanisms and are little understood, with effectiveness and best practices for their use still anecdotal.